1. There is absolutely no circumstance, I repeat, NO CIRCUMSTANCE in which it’s appropriate to bring an infant or someone under 5 (with an exception of the rare mature toddler I guess) to an art gallery or museum, unless it’s designed for that age group specifically. It’s not like most of them can remember or truly appreciate it anyway. Leave the disruption at home. Can’t find a babysitter? TOO BAD! Go some other time then. It’s almost like being a parent means making sacrifices sometimes (gasp)! This is NOT one of those “oh wouldn’t this be a nice outing to take my baby on” event for fuck’s sake, since it’s an activity that requires the uninterrupted focus and concentration of those around you.

    If you decide to be horribly rude in this way, then at least have the fucking courtesy to begin removing the child from the exhibition area IMMEDIATELY once they start causing problems or being too loud. If you don’t, you deserve every single dirty look thrown your way. What the HELL were you expecting?! You are not special. Not every space is meant for you and your child, nor should every space accommodate you and your child.


  2. not-that-girl7:

    The next time I get a dog, I’m taking those obnoxious monthly photos so my friends with new babies know how I feel when I open Facebook.

  3. steinershocker:

    well, this is an easy choice…


  4. I have seen so much wrongful parental entitlement where it doesn’t belong within just 24 hours that I feel like my head is about to explode from disgust.


  5. When people tell me they’re expecting.


  6. marginallyunconventional:

    Shout out to my OB/GYN, who not only told me I shouldn’t feel pressure to have children right now if I don’t feel ready but also made sure to emphasize that despite the cultural pressure, it’s also totally great to never want kids, ever, and tell me about her happy childfree patients. She is a…


  7. Anonymous said: What do you think of parents who backpedal on their kids? What I mean is: In my teens, my parents were always warning me about guys being dangerous and teen girls getting pregnant. They said every mean thing in the book to keep me from dating ("they'll just take what they want and leave", "they're all dogs", etc). It really did turn me away from trying to date. Now, that I'm in my twenties, my parents won't stop asking about when I'm going to have a boyfriend. I know they want to have grandkids.

    Honestly I could say A HELL OF A LOT about this, so I’m going to force myself to stay within a few bullet points. Let’s start with the issue of daughters* specifically:

    • The amount of control most parents try to insert into their daughters’* dating lives is an incredible example of double standards, sexism, and toxic parenting. 
    • This extra attention to a daughter’s* dating life, or any attempts to dissuade daughters* from getting involved more than platonically with someone in a safe and age/maturity-appropriate way while they’re minors, is an example of the objectification of women* in our society, and the mentality of more perceived ownership and authority over daughters*. 
    • Doing the complete opposite extreme to your daughters* about their dating lives, especially when grandchildren are desired, is continuation of the objectification and sexism, just once it’s convenient and comfortable for the parents who see their daughter as an accessory.
    • This goes for many areas of a daughter’s* life other than dating, such as having an earlier curfew than their brothers did at that age.

    Yes, cismen get pestered about grandchildren and their dating lives by their parents sometimes, but rarely to the same extent and consequences as women* in our world. This particular issue of parents going from one extreme to another as far as their views on a child’s dating life is mostly a problem for daughters*. Very few parents are this controlling of their cis sons’ dating lives. 

    THE POINT? Switching extremes in this way with your child, no matter the gender, is incredibly wrong depending on the topic, and has a shit ton of negative implications. I’m so sorry you got stuck with parents who’ve acted this way.


  8. amyng5874 said: Does it ever get lonely with no kids? I don't think I want any kids either. I feel like society wants me too, cause growing up all I hear is "one day you'll grow up and have a child of your own" now that I'm older, I start just hating kids. They annoy me so much it hurts lol sorry not sorry. But how is life like? I always wanted to travel and I worry about having kids and them just being in my way and resenting them, which I don't want to do. I feel selfish for wanting things for myself but idk.


    No. I have my Husband and my cat and that’s all I need. Life is wonderful without kids. I love having the freedom to do whatever I want whenever I want. Having the extra money and being able to travel is very nice as well. I especially enjoy the peace and quiet. It’s your life and the decision is yours to make. You don’t owe anyone else an explanation.


  9. Anonymous said: re: posting pics of kiddos. There are programs that let people see where an image was taken.

    YES thank you for reminding me and everyone else. Good to know for our own safety too!


  10. Another reason I won’t be parenting is because I constantly see nannies, teachers, and family members posting images to social media of kids they’re working with or looking after, which means there are even more ways I can’t trust others to keep my child safe when I can’t be around (no, it doesn’t matter how “locked” your accounts actually aren’t because hackers). I know the intentions are harmless, and this is just them sharing parts of their lives on social media. So yeah, I do get that.

    But there’s so much wrong with posting tons of pictures of kids online, let alone when the picture, accompanying caption, or profile could give someone tons of info about where and with whom the child spends a lot of time. The adults in the lives of kids who aren’t old enough to post pics of themselves are taking a lot of work and investigation out of the job for criminals. Have people also forgotten that many predators photoshop faces of minors onto pornographic images and videos? 

    Always get a parent’s permission before sharing a picture of their child, or establish picture sharing rules from the outset and check in with them about the rules every now and then (though really the parent should’ve made this clear from the get-go). NO EXCEPTIONS. Don’t post pictures of minors often and in the same situations and locations. Limit the posting of kid pictures to special events and occasions. Please, this isn’t a fucking opinion, it’s a safety issue. 

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