1. fastpacedfreefall:

    I just realized something.

    Since I fully intend to have no children whatsoever, it will be that much easier for me to achieve the dream of being the lady ‘rumored’ to be a witch who lives in the house with a massive garden full of strange plants and the neighborhood children speak of in hushed, slightly fearful tones.

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  2. Anonymous said: Thank you for recognizing that it isnt crazy to not want children. I have made the same decision and if one more person tells me i will change my mind i will probably smack them. Another assumption that gets me heated is when people tell me that i am a career woman , because i dont want children. Do you get this? i dont know what is so farfetched about the idea of living my life for ME. not for a child or a man or a career.

    Yes, I totally get that! People seem to think life is always one damn extreme or the other, when that’s just not the natural flow of things at all. People are NOT completely one-sided in their goals. Opting for childfree doesn’t make someone a workaholic or entirely career-focused, much in the way parenthood doesn’t necessarily make someone anti-career. There are A LOT of amazing reasons to be childfree, and having more time to dedicate to your career if that is what you want is one of those great reasons. But it’s certainly not the end-all be-all, and regardless of if I had a full-time or part-time career, I STILL wouldn’t want children! 

    So what’s the take away? Let’s stop assuming people’s personalities and major life goals based solely on their decision to live childfree. 

  3. treerings-sing:

    This is perfect.


  4. "I’m childfree" :) 

    "I mean it’s not like I hate kids or anything and I love my nieces/nephews/other people’s kids asdfghjkl;" … :/

    I’m so sick of seeing this, particularly in most popular childfree articles I’ve come across. The reason you’d feel a need to say that is out of worry for the negative reactions of others to your childfree decision. Let’s be real here: your love of children isn’t relevant when informing people you’ve made this choice, and if they’ve got a problem with you being childfree, they won’t give a single solitary fuck that you “like kids” anyway. 

    The fears around telling are perfectly fine and valid, and it’s not your fault if you feel a need to brace yourself this way in our culture. But everyone should be aware of how it throws other childfree individuals under the bus. It adds to the stigmas of what any childfree individual is like (i.e. sociopathic, evil, mean, cold-hearted). It’s a way of reassuring parents about a choice you made, when the choice doesn’t warrant reassurance for anyone other than yourself. It’s a way of separating yourself from “those other” childfree who really can’t stand being around children for a variety of legit reasons, and it contributes to the harmful mentalities our culture has toward them.

    It’s okay to be childfree and enjoy the company of kids! It’s okay to be childfree and not enjoy being around children! It’s okay to be childfree and fall somewhere in between! All these feelings are OK, yet we do need to be careful with our language when sharing our childfree decision, because it does have an impact. How we present ourselves as childfree individuals influences the way others see all childfree individuals, even though that shouldn’t be the case. The burden shouldn’t be on us to combat this and fight stereotypes, but it’s not like a pro-natalist world is gonna do it for us. If you think you can healthily get away without adding “I like kids,” then avoid saying it.


  5. nightxvision:

    Let’s take a moment to talk about how messed up this photo is:



    This photo has been shared by a few of my “friends” on Facebook. Honestly, I could write an entire dissertation about how wrong this image is, so I’ll try to contain myself within a few points:

    1. The way children act and speak is usually a direct result of the way their…

    I was raised to (basically) believe that children are not really human beings worthy of respect, but rather children are objects/items/property whom belong to their parents and are obligated to both love and fear their parents (basically a totalitarian relationship). I was never taught that thinking for myself was possible or even an option; I was taught to listen and to obey.

    I was taught that my parents and elders could occasionally say/do bad things to me, because it was for the purpose of teaching me respect and to help me become a better person. I was brought up to believe that a parent was under NO obligation to treat their child with respect for the purpose of getting respect back in the turn.

    One of the hardest things for me to come to grips with as an adult, is the fact that not everything that I was taught to believe as a child was the truth. It’s one of the many reasons why I have made the mature decision to NEVER have children of my own.

    Very powerful, and the last paragraph really covers the problem with way too many parent-child relationships: flat-out lying, falsifying the realities of the world, sugar-coating, manipulating for control and authority. Not that parents shouldn’t have any authority over their children, but there are different ways to express authority, different levels of authority to have in varying situations, but too often a parent’s authority becomes abusive, and totalitarian as you said. Thank you for sharing.

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  6. "Is having children on your priority list?
    “I’m not going to answer that question. I’m not mad at you for asking that question, but I’ve said it before: I don’t think people ask men those questions.” —Zooey Deschanel, Marie Claire, September 2013"

    25 Famous Women on Childlessness — The Cut (via feministthingies)

    25 Famous Women on the Childfree Choice* and Childlessness

    (via feministthingies)


  7. ouibbler said: I don't understand TERFs, like... 'Gender is evil, we must get rid of it!! But no, you can't be female because you're a guy/you can't be male because you're a girl.' They want to destroy gender, but also enforce the gender binary and its roles??? Ugh.


    TERFs are…


  8. your-lies-ruin-lives:


    It makes me so sad how hard people will fight for the convenience of killing an innocent child. This world is so fallen.

    Actual child abuse, sex trafficking, starvation, neglect.. about half a MILLION children living without any parents at all. People dying homeless on the streets. People going without food. Education to better your life costs more than a house in most places. And it’s ABORTION that’s making you “so sad”? 

    Your priorities is fucked, m’dear. 

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  9. Anonymous said: How do you feel about trans women invading feminist spaces?



    i don’t get how a woman can “invade” a space meant for women. 

    reblogging again.